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Brie Cheese - Isigny Sainte Mère (1kg)

Enjoy this delicious creamy Brie cheese from Isigny Sainte Mère cooperative (1kg)

This Isigny Ste-Mère Brie is a soft cheese with a mould rind which is left to drain slowly, on its own. It is a close cousin to the Brie de Meaux and the Brie de Melun, that is to say that it is a very refined cheese.It has a soft and creamy heart, with a slightly salty taste. Its velvety white rind is the result of being seeded with penicillium candidum.

Founded in 1932, Isigny Sainte Mère is a French dairy cooperative located in the Isigny terroir of Normandy, cradle of the world-famous Isigny butter and crème fraiche. The cooperative works with some of Normandy’s finest milks.


Weight: 1kg

Country of origin: France

Collections: Cheese, Dairy, New Products

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