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Raclette Mix (+ Raclette Grill) - 4/6/8/10 persons

Raclette Dining Experience !!

The Raclette is a traditional dish prepared by the villagers living in the snowy peaks of the French & Swiss Alps. It consists in melting a large round cow´s milk cheese in a seamless stream.

It is served with boiled potatoes and fresh meat cuts. Raclette is all about sharing a wintery meal with the loved ones.

Composition: Mix Raclette/Charcuterie + lend of the raclette grill

 4 persons 6 persons  8 persons
Raclette Cheese 1kg 
Raclette Cheese 1,5kg 
Raclette Cheese 2kg 

Italian Dry ham 400g 
Italian Dry ham 600g 
Italian Dry ham 800g 

Country of Origin: France, Jura. 

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