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Raclette Mix (+ Raclette Grill) - 4/6/8/10 persons

Raclette Dining Experience !!

The Raclette is a traditional dish prepared by the villagers living in the snowy peaks of the French & Swiss Alps. It consists in melting a large round cow´s milk cheese in a seamless stream.

It is served with boiled potatoes and fresh meat cuts. Raclette is all about sharing a wintery meal with the loved ones.

Composition: Mix Raclette/Charcuterie/potatoes + lend of the raclette grill

 4 persons 6 persons  8 persons
Raclette Cheese 1kg 
Raclette Cheese 1,5kg 
Raclette Cheese 2kg 
Potatoes 1,2kg 
Potatoes 1,8kg 
Potatoes 2kg 
Italian Dry ham 400g 
Italian Dry ham 600g 
Italian Dry ham 800g 

Country of Origin: France, Jura. 

Collections: Cheese, Dairy, New Products

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